Sound of Heaven long island church Welcome to Sound of Heaven is a multi-cultural/non-denominational christian church located right in the heart of Long Island, New York. We are a 5-fold Apostolic church that is reaching out to anyone and everyone. You can meet our leadership team clicking HERE. Honestly, the church needs an upgrade and we are grateful that God is doing a new thing! We believe that the church should be the thread of the community. When people are in need the church is the first place they should go, not the last. Whether we are seeing people supernaturally healed of sicknesses and diseases or whether we are raking leaves at a home, we are here to serve you! God has given us a mission and that mission is to take Long Island for Jesus and we plan on doing exactly that. Our Long Island Church is strong on all 5-fold gifts but the core of what we do is to win new people to Jesus and to disciple them into being everything God has called them to be.

Sound of Heaven is under the covering of Apostles John Eckhardt & Axel Sippach of the Impact Network! Our prophetic worship has been known to transform the lives of everyone who walks through the door. Our prophetic school has been raising up a local & international prophetic voice. Our evangelistic outreaches have led to thousands of people being saved and discipled. Our biblical teachings have strengthened, challenged, and trained up the body to be firm and confident in the Bible they believe in. We believe that everyone is unique and has a purpose in life, not just personally but in the local body as well. Whatever we have to do to help you get to your destiny is the reason why God has planted this church. So if you are in need, if you need prayer, if you need to be connected to a local body, give us a call at 631-940-1935!



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Coming In The Clouds….FULFILLED?

Matthew 26:64. Jesus told him, “You said it. I am telling you then, that henceforth you shall see the Son of Man sitting from the right of the Power and coming over the clouds of heaven.” A lot of us were taught this as a future coming. Something we are still to wait for but…


Prophetic Declarations For July 2014 SURRRGGGEEEE

DECLARATIONS AND DEREES FOR JULY- #SURGE!I believe and receive the blessing of the Lord that makes rich and adds no sorrow for the month of July.The month of July will be another month for me of QUANTUM LEAPS in 2014. I will LEAP into the blessings of God this month of July. I decree a SURGE…

stop it

Please Stop It!!!

PLEASE STOP IT!!! I’M SO TIRED OF “PROPHETS” trying to “cash in” on plane crashes, hurricanes and other disasters by digging through years of prophecies to try and find one obscure one from 5 or 10 years ago that might be a “close” match and then promote it on their website to try and validate…


We Need Fresh Oil

WE CAN’T GET STUCK – WE NEED FRESH OIL! I KNOW THIS PROBABLY WON’T GET A LOT OF LIKES TODAY, but it is my heart to say it anyway. Apostolic and prophetic ministries, churches and leaders have the same opportunity to become “religious” as our predecessors. We have the same potential to get “stuck” as previous…

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