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Welcome to The Sound Of Heaven!

Welcome to The Sound of Heaven! We are excited that you are here. Feel free to click around the website to get to know us better. We hope you can come and visit us one day so we can get to know you better too! Sound of Heaven is a church based in Long Island, New York. We are a multi-cultural/non-denominational christian church. We are a 5-fold apostolic ministry that believes the church should be the thread of a community. Sound of Heaven was planted by our senior leaders and apostles Johnny & Rachel. You can learn more about them and the rest of our awesome leadership team by clicking HERE.

Sound of Heaven is a place where all are welcome. We have a strong desire to reconcile people with God. Whether you are depressed, suicidal, homeless, broke, gay, straight, a thief, a murderer…you are welcomed here…and we just don’t say that, we actually mean it! We are a team oriented church that desires to be involved in every part of the community. We are a place where the broken and poor to the rich and successful can come and be a part of a family to work together to make this world that much better. Sound of Heaven is committed to teaching and training you in the Word of God helping to raise you up into being the person God wants you to be and what you truly desire to be (What We Believe).

Johnny & Rachel are under the covering of Apostles John Eckhardt & Axel Sippach of The IMPACT Network. We are strong in the apostolic & prophetic, the worship is the heartbeat of this church, and believe in being creative in how we present the Gospel. It's about going above and beyond the norm to create a platform to see the lost saved and proclaim Jesus as Lord. We have a Bible College (The Adullam Center) as well as classes that can train you up in prayer, in the prophetic and we also have plenty of areas that you can come and join. Some of our ministries are the following: children’s ministry, dance ministry, men and women’s ministries, homeless ministry, drug & alcohol ministry, nursing home ministry, youth ministry, sex trafficking ministry, event planners & coordinators, sound and lighting team and the ministry of helps. Please feel free to call us any time (631)940-1935. You can also submit a prayer request HERE. Thanks for taking the time out to check us out and if you ever need anything please don’t hesitate to ask!

Our Blog

Friend with Benefits??

Stop your beneficial friendship with Jesus and giving Him your all!  Have you ever though about it that way? that you might be taking advantage of God. He is there when you call on Him and when you are just going through  a really bad time in your life and  whenever you need somebody to…

Becoming More Kingdom Minded

It is so important for us to view global events taking place in our generation through the lens of the Kingdom of God. Can we stop believing and buying into all the propaganda we are fed daily from CNN and Fox, White House and Congress, Democrat and Republican in order to sway public opinion in…

The Devil: Saboteur or Scapegoat?

The Devil:  Saboteur or Scapegoat? On Facebook, I often see Christians attributing the many trials of life to the works of the devil.  At any given moment you can find a meme sharing something to the tune of “If you are being attacked by the devil, that just means that you are on the right…

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