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Welcome to The Sound Of Heaven

We are a Community who firmly believes in Gods word. Come journey with us.

Thanks so much for visiting our website! We are excited that you are here and hope and pray that you come and visit us. Let me introduce myself, my name is Johnny and I am the Apostle of the church. The beautiful woman I am hugging is my wife and love of my life, Rachel, who is my partner and co-apostle of the church. Our church, Sound of Heaven, is located right in the heart of Long Island, NY in a town called Farmingdale.

Sound of Heaven is founded on some very simple principles!  One of those being LOVE. No matter who you are or where you came from, you have a family at the Sound of Heaven who will love you right where you are at. We are also a strong Bible believing church who focuses much of our effort on reconciling men and women from all over the world to Christ through small groups, evangelism, and strong biblical teachings.

I know I can speak for Rach when I say that our prayer is that you prosper in every area of your life. That all of the things you have been praying, hoping and dreaming about are ready to come to pass. We believe in a mighty God who can do mighty things and if you are just willing to believe, NOTHING shall be impossible for you.


Night of Prayer and Intercession

December 18, 2014 7:30 pm

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Church Activities

Sound of Heaven is located right in the heart of Long island, NY. We have something for everyone. We have classes on prayer & the prophetic. We also hold conferences, small men and women's groups, even outreach programs that reach the whole community. Whatever it is you are looking for, you have found it at Sound of Heaven.

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