Two years ago, Sound of Heaven Church “tag teamed” with and the New York State Arts Council, to produce an event that forever changed the Jones Beach Boardwalk. Going into it, there was much resistance. Permits, court hearings, sound issues, financial issues, etc…but God showed up! Matter a fact, the higher ups at Jones Beach really didn’t want to have the event, but when they saw the popularity and success of that “One Night Only” event, they offered them 4 more weeks the following year (sadly, finances stood in the way from that becoming a reality). However, back by popular demand and with the financial help of “Rivalry Championship Wrestling”, we will be featured once again at Field 4 of Jones Beach at the Bandshell on August 5th.

There has already been a tremendous amount of support for this event. God has really put people together to make this work this year. The event is being sponsored by Rivalry Championship Wrestling…a promotion that does events Internationally. Darren Antola, owner of Rivalry said, “We were looking to make a splash in New York…pretty ironic that the splash we make is at an actual beach”! Pastor Bobby Riedel, coordinator and President of Integrity Bookings, has promised that this event will be bigger and better than the first year. “We already have two celebrities on board. Two former WWE Tag Team Champions! I am thrilled to announce that Mike Mondo will be wrestling that night. He is one of our local guys that made it big. He worked for the WWE and Ring of Honor. The other name is no stranger to most wrestling fans…The “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase will be making his return to Long Island in his first appearance in years!! You never know what could happen when Ted is around. He may just buy somebody!” Other great pro wrestlers are also scheduled to appear…including our very own Apostle…Johnny Ova, managed by our very own Pastor…Bobby Riedel. For the many folks who never got to see these two work together in the wrestling ring, don’t expect a Sunday morning service!

Other celebrities are being booked as well, and a few very special surprises are in the works. Some reality stars from the hit TV shows, “Hells Kitchen” and “The Biggest Loser”  are in the works.  Pro wrestlers from around the East Coast will also be making there special appearances. Some names include : Kekoa “the Flyin Hawaiian”,  “Luscious” Joe Sloan, “Superstar” Dickie Rodz, the Party Rangers, the Iraqi Butchers, “Supernatural” Samir Ahmed, Chris “Pain” Forza, Flames, and Doctor Porter…who was also a character on FCW…the WWE’s Developmental Promotion.

The event entitled, “Commotion at the Ocean” is also prophetic. We will be speaking into the open air the things of God when the altar calls are given. We will be carrying the 10 foot cross along the boardwalk that day giving out free tickets to the event as well. What a eat day and night this will be. Please invite ALL your friends to this FREE event. Tell those who are wrestling fans! We are very honored to have this night of pro wrestling at the beach. People all over would love to this have this opportunity, and only because of God’s favor so we have it. Even the WWE never made it into Jones Beach. WE CAN USE HELP, so please contact us if your willing too.

This is an incredible evangelistic outreach that will leave a mark. Its an opportunity for the church to rise. Its an opportunity to make Jesus popular to thousands of people who do not know him. This is also an event that represents restoration. We are the first big event that will be going into the bandshell after the devastation that Hurricane Sandy delivered. Our goal through the wrestling outreach is to heal hearts, bind wounds, win people to Christ, heal the sick, and show the LOVE of Christ. If you are one of those people who don’t understand how Ministry and Pro Wrestling can tag team with each other, let me remind you of this verse found I Corinthians 1:27, “God will use the foolish things to confound the wise”…and trust me, there is nothing more foolish that professional wrestling. That means we should have a huge altar call. This is our time church! Lets come together!

For more information…Please contact Sound of Heaven or Pastor Bobby at 631-940-1935

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